SERVPRO of Palo Alto | SERVPRO of Atherton / Redwood City Employee Photos


Kristy is our Job File Coordinator at SERVPRO of Palo Alto. Kristy is a very important part of the SERVPRO team as she intakes all our customer calls and processes our job file documentation. She has a very patient and pleasant demeanor, and her strengths are exemplary customer service as well as a thorough understanding of the SERVPRO job process as she has been with SERVPRO for more than 4 years.


Kat has recently joined out team as our Accounting Administrative Assistant. Her efficiency and 14 years of experience in A/R admin has made her a great asset to the team at SERVPRO of Palo Alto. She enjoys going to concerts and attending MLS and Giants Games.


Gigi is our Sales and Marketing Representative at SERVPRO of Palo Alto. She is committed to building strong relationships within the community. When she’s not on her routes, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and her German shepherd.


Benny is our SERVPRO mascot. His job is to be a team player, motivate all the employees, and keep them smiling. He is potty trained so that he doesn't cause any water damage at the office. His specialties include barking, eating treats, and relaxing. Benny is a great addition to the SERVPRO family!


Isaac is our Lead Production Technician and has been a member of the SERVPRO team since 2017. He is experienced in mitigating all types of projects including water, mold, fire, and pathogens/biohazard. Isaac is a very positive member of our team and enjoys responding to after-hours emergencies.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family.


Roel is one of SERPVRO’s demo specialists. He is able to mitigate fire, water, and mold damage. No job is too big for Roel! He also enjoys responding to after-hours emergencies. In fact, Roel holds the record for the most responsiveness to after-hours and weekend jobs. Roel is a consistent and hard worker and has been a member of the team for more than 3 years.


Gabriel is one of SERPVRO’s demo specialists. He is able to mitigate fire, water, and mold damage. No job is too big for Gabriel!

He enjoys getting dirty and also enjoys a hot cup of coffee in the morning for the road. Gabriel is a positive, contributing team member and a joy to have around.


Picky is an experienced Cleaning Technician who has worked on many types of cleaning jobs from rat feces, smoke odor, biohazard, pathogen, fire, and mold. She also has experience doing demo.

Picky is known for her sense of humor and keeps everyone laughing during the day. She is a joy to be around and a very hard worker.


Robert has been a Production Technician and part of the SERVPRO of Palo Alto team for nearly two years.

He has experience in water, mold, crawlspace cleanup, fire cleanup, and pack-outs. Robert is able to troubleshoot all types of drying equipment issues and is a very hard worker.

He is always open to responding to after-hours emergencies and is one of Benny’s best buds. In his free time, he likes to work on his bicycle.


David is our newest team member and works as a Priority Disaster Responder. He responds to emergencies in real-time and offers our help to the community. This could include boarding up a damaged window or door, extracting water after hours, and offering our services after a residential or commercial fire. David also is a certified personal trainer and in his free time enjoys, hiking, working out, and keeping his friend and family active.

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