Water Damage Photo Gallery

Laundry Room Water Damage in Apartment Complex

This owner of this apartment complex in Redwood City reached out to SERVPRO of Palo Alto after the laundry room had been affected by a water damage from one of the washer machines. Our SERVPRO technicians removed all the water and began the extensive cleaning and disinfection of the room.  Drying equipment and air scrubbers were in place here to ensure that a dry, healthful condition is restored for the residents of this apartment complex.

Public Restroom Sewer Backup

Public restrooms are commonly known to create water damage in buildings, requiring water restoration. Sewage backup created a mess in this building in Atherton. It was inconvenient for the business owner, since it was the only available restroom. Our team of experts quickly gathered the necessary equipment and cleaning products to attend to the water damage. Floors and walls were not affected. The damage required water extraction and sanitation of the restroom from top to bottom.  No matter the size of the disaster, SERVPRO of Palo Alto will be there to clean it up!

Water Damage to an Elementary School

Our SERVPRO of Atherton/Redwood City professionals responded to a water damage caused by a broken pipe in an Elementary School. Our highly trained specialist removed the standing water with our state of the art equipment. After extracting the water, our technicians placed air scrubbers to purify the air and create a safe environment for the students to return to their classrooms.

Multiple Residential Units Flooded due to Pipe Break

SERVPRO responded fast to this water loss that occurred while the homes were still in construction! Three units are 2 floors were affected due to a faulty plumbing install. Fortunately SERVPRO of Palo Alto responded within 1 hour to the call and installed drying equipment to mitigate any further damage.

SERVPRO uses Desiccants for Drying in Palo Alto Water Damage

SERVPRO of Palo Alto doesn't mess around when it comes to drying your home as a result of rainwater damage, toilet overflow, washing machine busts, or pipe breaks. When a larger footprint of your home is affected (more than 2,000 sf) we bring in the big guns, like this desiccant. This high performance dehumidifier can remove 116 pints per day, which is double what a regular dehumidifier can remove. Desiccants are used in large homes and commercial water damage. Call us if you need to hire the professionals: 650-800-3448. Our heroes are here to help 24/7!

Containment Setup for Drying and Demo in Atherton Home

SERVPRO of Palo Alto set up this major containment at this huge estate in Atherton.The purpose of this containment is to keep the water damaged area contained and keep the dust from drywall demo away from the unaffected areas. The homeowners were very pleased that we were able to contain the area correctly and efficiently. This resulted in faster drying time and less mess to clean up.