Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Open Garage Window Causes Water Damage in Menlo Park

Storm damage occurred when high winds allowed rainwater to enter freely into the open window in the interior of this garage. The floor was saturated with water.... READ MORE

Storm Damage Restoration

The before picture shows a storage room affected by water damage while the homeowner was away. Heavy rains had created water to enter through a damaged roof. Th... READ MORE

Rainstorm Causes Water Damage in Atherton Home

A rainstorm occurred while the homeowner of this home in Atherton was away, causing water damage. During this time, water had been entering through the cracks o... READ MORE

Rainwater Causes Flood in Menlo Park Home

The rain water from a sudden storm in the Bay Area flooded this beautiful home in Menlo Park, causing water damage throughout. Pictured is the hallway after the... READ MORE

Storm Flood in Atherton Apartment

Flooding left a deep layer of water on the carpeting of this apartment in Atherton. Water ruptured within the wall and damaged the drywall, causing extensive wa... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Palo Alto Home

This home in Palo Alto experienced a disastrous event when a tree fell onto their home due to the high winds of a storm. Fortunately, no one was injured inside ... READ MORE